Razneesh "Razy" Ghai

The Ronin, and the guiding light for all those at Asylum who wander. Very few commercial directors in this part of the eastern hemisphere have made it as far as he has. From a marked beginning in MTV, where he gained first recognition after co-founding VH1 in India, Razy has gone on to direct commercials for some of the biggest brands in the world. 

As an Army kid living in Wellington, a little South Indian town in the Nilgiris, Razy discovered his love for film through screenings of World War II movies and Spaghetti Westerns. After each viewing followed journal entries of his outlook on the film. And before he knew it, he had his career charted out.

Razy’s success is but an obvious outcome of his hard work, keen observations, and careful nurturing of his trade. His commercials are the barometer of the world he hails from and an insight into the clockwork of his mind. His visual artistry & devotion to the his craft have taken him around the globe and led to amazing international relations & collaborations. The ten odd years he’s spent directing are a quiet but roaring reflection of his mastery over his profession.  He is, as far as titles go, a visionary.   

When he isn’t musing about films, Razy is usually found wolfing down music albums in his workroom at Asylum Films. He’s a voracious listener of Blues, Soul, Funk, Jazz and every other genre possibly ever invented in the world of music. His enthusiasm for music comes second only to his love for film, and right before his third love: single malt, which he is more than happy to rave about if you catch him in his best spirit. 


Aiman "The Shaman" Ali

What drew Aiman to films is his tenure at Mumbai University as a student of Journalism, which opened the door to human stories and documentaries. Film studies at NYFA, Los Angeles and FTII followed, which furthered his access to diverse people, cultures and cinema from around the globe. Aiman returned to Mumbai and started his stint as a Director’s Assistant at Asylum Films, teaming up with its foreman and Director Razneesh Ghai as Second Unit Director on commercials for The Indian Air Force, Cadbury, Myntra and Indian Super League to name a few.

In August, 2016, Aiman stormed into the digital scene and planted his flag as a commercial director with his film for A.R. Rahman’s brand Jammin’. The film made all the right moves and noises, turning the head of maestro Rahman himself. In February 2017, Aiman made further waves after launching his film for the Indian Coast Guard, an early magnum opus. Needless to say, the film was met with praise and he with a newfound recognition.

But the things that define Aiman Ali as a director are analogous with who he is as a person- warm, intuitive and perceptive. But if there’s one thing he truly possesses in spades, it is pragmatism over all else. That doesn’t keep his creativity from him, no. It just gives him the edge of executing a task with a significantly higher efficiency.